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Introducing Cone

Posted by emac3326 on September 7, 2006

As noted in an earlier post, Cone Johnson has joined the class. She is catching up with homework … so first off is the personal synopsis.

Click on the thumbnail to read all about Cone.

But seriously folks! –> I will put something on my blog too. My day job is working as an Interaction Designer at a large dotcom retailer based in Plano. …



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Catching Up With Isabel Ghobrial

Posted by emac3326 on September 4, 2006

Isabel joined the class the second week but was absent last week due to a family emergency. Here is our opportunity to catch up with her.

Here blog is here.

My name is Isabel and I am a full time student as well as a full time business owner. I own and operate my own child care facility. I am majoring in Business with an emphasis on child development. I am 25 and my family is originally from Egypt making me an EGYPTIAN. I am not just any Egyptian; I am a Coptic Orthodox Egyptian. For those of you, who have no clue, look into it, its pretty interesting stuff? You can check out a little more at one of my personal favorite sites.

For those of you not interested, you should be, like I said its interesting stuff.

I am a complete idiot when it comes to computers and only utilize computers to keep pace with up to date business and educational applications. Hopefully I will learn more by attending this class. I am obsessed with the ocean, scuba diving and all marine life. I like to check this out from time to time and see whats going on down under at ScubaGeek.

Isabel, while you do not have much experience with technology or blogs, that should not hinder you. As I’ve said many times in class — it’s worth repeating — if you have interests, you can have a blog. You’ve written several items here that would be interesting for others to read about: a small business owner, child case, being an Egyptian, a Coptic Orthodox Egyptian, and a scuba fan. All good subjects. If you need help narrowing these down, let me know and we’ll make time to talk in class.

Anybody have an thoughts for Isabel?

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Personal Synopsis: Crawford and Health Care Blog.

Posted by emac3326 on August 31, 2006

Kim Crawford, who joined us last week for the first time, sent in her personal synopsis.

My name is Kim Crawford. I am a 3rd semester, ATEC grad student and prevailing full-time mom to three kids. I have a bachelor of science in business administration, art school training, and work experience in marketing communications. I have a lot of experience in graphic design, although most of it is pre-web era stuff.My personal interests are to understand and embrace the emerging technologies that are influencing our society and global economies. I have a strong interest in the healthcare industry and the issue of personal medical records management. I have based a few past projects on this topic and will (probably) continue to focus here. Along the way I hope to gain some updated skills and knowledge that will lead to some interesting employment opportunities. Ultimately though, I hope this adventure through ATEC and EMAC will help me identify and create the opportunity for a new business venture.

Technically savvy??? – NOT! feels like none at all when my system crashes and I don’t have a clue…Prior to staying home with my kids I worked on both pc and mac platforms doing mostly desktop publishing (Pagemaker, Illustrator). My husband works for HP, and has been in sales/services areas in the high-tech industry for over 30 years. So merely by the virtue of osmosis, I am probably more “knowledgeable” than I give myself credit for, but I feel like I know just enough to get into trouble. Like system crashes, duh…

I feel like I have a surface level of awareness and knowledge. I would really like to gain more in-depth knowledge, and therefore confidence, in this crazy world of technology-based communications.

I’ve known Kim for a year now, and she’s pursuing ideas in health care. She’s on to something, she just doesn’t know what yet. The Health Care Blog.

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Personal Synopsis: Bidasaria

Posted by emac3326 on August 30, 2006

Rachna Bidasaria is a new student and will be joining the class on Thursday. Rachna contributed a bio for all of us to read.

I am an ATEC major student at UTD in my senior year. Hopefully I will
graduate next semester.

I have a passion for jewelry design. Infact I used to run my own jewelry
design business few years ago. And then marriage happened. I am primarily
interested in design and more particularly the interactive media design.
After my graduation I am hoping to find some work related to design. At some
point in life ( I hope pretty soon) I want to start my own design studio.

I am well versed with illustration and photo editing softwares. I am on the
net pretty much the whole day. I can do a little bit of programming in java,
html etc. I love to dream about my own company and my own range of products
and services. I maintain this whole book of ideas about what I would love to
build for the mass market and ofcourse earn the big bucks.

This is going to be my first encounter with the medias like the blog,
podcast etc. Although I know what they are I am not a regular user or for
that matter I am not at all currently involved in blogging or podcasting .
But I would love to learn more about it and explore the oppotunities that
come along with it.

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Photo blog and Penny-Arcade

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Guy Gregory



     this is the very first blog i EVER visited, primarily because the author gave me her card.  I’ve been a part time camera salesman for just over a year now and just happen to be the person that sold her all of her gear (canon 20D) so.

I’ve been keeping track ever since.



     I don’t really thing this counts as a blog, and probably not even as new media, but it was probably the first web comic that really hit it big.

In reality it’s no more than a blog (newspost) attached to content.

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Miranda’s Artwork and Best Funny.

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

The first blogg is the one I just started, it has some of my sample
artwork: jeffmiranda0619.blogspot.com (Link does not work)

My other Blog link would be: bestfunny pictures.blogspot.com

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Lots of Blogs from Laura C.

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Laura Chambers 

Two blogs that I enjoy:


Stargate Sg-1 is one of my favorite television shows.  I’ve watched it since it first came on 10 years ago (I know, big geek, lol) and I enjoy reading the blog to keep up with different things behind the scenes.


As earlier mentioned, I’m captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team here and a couple of other teams during the rest of the year.  I’ve been playing for 2 years, and I’m extremely interested in all aspects of the sport.  The blog version of IC Ultimate is a great way to follow the sport in the United States and around the world.

Other links of interest:


This one is hysterical.


I would link you directly to the movies, but, as we discussed in class, NBC  has taken action against any free entities posting the videos.  Take a look at “Lazy Sunday” and the Natalie Portman rap.  They’re great.


This is a favorite of my friends and I, especially when our friend Steve’s around.


This is a fun one too.

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Two MySpace Blogs

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Brandy Elaine Martin



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Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Joel Ross



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Casino Royale and Movies

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Clay Beutler

Two blogs visited recently – 1. Casino Royale blog on the official website.
2. The Dark Knight blog on IMDB.com.  As you can see I like movies.

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