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Personal Synopsis: Gregory

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

NAME                   George Guy Gregory

INTERESTS           film and video

N.M. EXPOSURE   very little, I’m really more of an older media sort of indevidual, I’d personally like to see some of the old make it’s way into the new.

TECH ABILITIES   editing and filming(digital)


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Personal Synopsis: Chambers

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Laura Chambers

Hello there. My name is Laura Chambers. I am a history major with an interest in almost everything. My experience with computers is relatively exstensive as far as older medias go, and I am a huge fan of blogs, podcasts, etc., and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can in this class. I am a junior/senior with a full time job as a sales assistant at a wholesale jewelry company. As a small aside, some of my favorite things are sci-fi and anything comedic. I am also Captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team here at UTD. I think that’s enough about me for now. *:)

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Personal Synopsis: Martin

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Brandy Elaine Martin

My name is Brandy Martin I was in the Army for about a year, got
through boot camp and my job training and figured that it wasn’t for
me. I didn’t feel like I was at my full potential. So after getting out
I moved to Arlington, TX and attended UTA with a major in Architecture,
but that soon changed becuase Arch History didn’t like me. So I have
succeded in getting my Associates Degree in Arts and now am on to UTD
for a major in Art and Technology. Right now I am working for KIDKRAFT
full time this summer and then will be part time now that school is
back in. i love my job the people are great there. I do one of two
things, a computer aided-drafter or a pc tech.
my personal interests are computers, pretty much anything with
computers, my friends, and clubs well use to be alot.. but have settled
alot.. i dont really have alot of experience with new media except for
creating slide shows for my myspace page.. and i created a slide show
with music for a friends wedding
. im pretty techinically savy.. and if
it is something new.. well pretty much once i do it once i can succeed
at doing it again.. i believe i am a very fast learner, and love to
learn many new things.

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Personal Synopsis: Ross

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Joel Ross
Thursday Class 7:00-9:45
Joel Ross
Short Bio:

ATEC major.
I have an AS from the Art Institute of Dallas in computer Animation.
Spent a year working as a graphic designer for ESPN’s Sports Center.
Spent the past five years working as an animator for Konami Hawaii
making Playstation and X-Box games.
My main goal right now is to get my BA and learn as much as I can
along the way.
I’m not very technicaly savy with programming, but I’m good with graphics.

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Personal Synopsis: Beutler

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Clay Beutler

My name is Clay Beutler and I am a MFA Atec student. I am a painter
first and foremost, who is also interested in the manipulative nature of
y. I have slowly gravitated to becoming an installation artist
whose paintings occupy and create an environment. Technology, pop culture
and aspects of human relationships are the central theme of these
installations. I want to be a college art professor and an exhibiting fine
. I look forward to this semester as I dive deeper into this
mysterious world of technology.

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Personal Synopsis: Cook

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Scott Cook

Personal Synopsis:
My name is Scott Cook. Right now I’m working as a professional geek for Abbott Labs in Irving. I started as desktop support & wandered into development which evolved into whatever my boss wants it to be.

I’m what they (whoever ‘they’ are) like to call a non-traditional student working on my ATEC BA. My goal is to graduate sometime in the next 4-5 years. I’ve been a senior since this past spring semester, thanks to a bunch of otherwise useless credits from my previous student career. After graduation, who knows. I’ve got a while yet to think about that.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now I guess. Much of it is at this address, some is still over at my spymac blog (http://maxhedrm.spymac.com/blog/).

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Personal Synopsis: Kohlman

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

I am Karl Kohlman, and I am a senior this year in the atec program, and I am going straight from graduation to the masters program. I focus on 3d modelling in my studies, but still have only a year under my belt. I spend a lot of time trying to hone my skills in that area. I am very interested in all forms of art, but primarilly the CG community, and I am a freak for irish music. I dont have much experience in new media, primarily because I have had a bad taste in my mouth for blogging. I have always heard of blogs as being very unrealiable sources, so I am very excited to have my eyes opened to this world, perhaps even use it to advertise my name in 3d. I am not really what I would call tech savy, but I am by no means tech… ignorant.

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Personal Synopsis: McKemy

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Corey Alan McKemy

i am interested in video blog sites like homestarrunner.com or the ever
popular redvsblue.com.  i am very into the whole mechinema thing and
want to start one of my own

i have postproduction experience like video editing and photoshop type

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Personal Synopsis: Watkins

Posted by emac3326 on August 23, 2006

Aimee Watkins

Who am I?

My name is Aimee Watkins and for the time being I am working full time as well as going to school full time.

What are you personal goals? Studies? Interests?

My personal goals are to be better at knowing, looking and creating on the internet. I am studying and will obtain my degree in Graphic Arts. My interests are design, music, and communication.

What’s your experience with New Media?

I watch videos and podcasts. I haven’t ever created one though. I’ve created a blog on livejournal.com but closed it. I maintain a blog on myspace.com now.

How technically savvy are you?

I’m so so! I can navigate and figure it out if given a moment.

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Personal Synopsis: Moreno

Posted by emac3326 on August 23, 2006

Carolos Moreno

Who are you?

My name is Carlos Moreno and I was born in Mexico City. I work as a
Web/Graphic Designer for Al Dia, a Spanish language daily published by
The Dallas Morning News.

What are your personal interests? Studies? Goals?

My interests include: Drawing, painting, animation, cartooning, soccer,
music and video games.  Some of the things I enjoy the most are drawing,
since I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid. I have an educational
background in Multimedia and Computer Arts and here I am again as an
ATEC student, hopping to get a career in 3D Animation in the near future.

What’s your experience with new media?

Working in a professional environment for the last 3 years, has given me
the opportunity to get closer and more familiar with many of the new
technologies and resources that exist and that can be applied to online
news such as RSS feeds, Video and most recently Weblogs. I’ve always
believed that learning now a day is never enough, specially with all
the technology changing constantly, I’ve learned the importance of
keeping up with new technologies and developments.

How technically savvy are you?

I’m pretty proficient with the most common graphic and web design tools out
there as they are part of my daily activities at work.

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